So I released that I have been here in New Zealand and I haven’t said what I’ve been up to…till now.

Aotearoa was the name the Maori’s gave this land when they first arrived; as the legend goes when the first Maori settlers came on their waka hourua (voyaging canoe), they noticed this land as a large white cloud hung over it. So they gave the land the name of Aotearoa, meaning “land of the long white cloud”. 

When I first made plans to come out here, many asked why New Zealand. It was the furthest place from home and, I hadn’t even touch neighboring countries, let alone a whole new continent. My answer was always that, I’ve heard good things about it and it was know for it’s beautiful landscapes, its friendly people and its calm and laid back attitude, which having worked and lived in London all my life, was something I needed. And now having been here for 6 months, it has lived up to its reputation and then some.

New Zealand definitely has wonderful landscape. My first 2 months I was working far up north and I was surrounded by ocean bays and beautiful mountains. It was a peaceful getaway and everywhere you look, the scene was picture perfect. I then made my way south, with a bus tour trip. I saw even more great scenery and experienced it with wonderful new friends.

We went to the hot water beach in Hahei, named as such as you can dig your own pool at the beach and hot water pools to form your own hot spa. We then saw the surfers at Raglan, though I was more amazed at the black sand on the beach ( I am amused easily 🙂 ). The trip went on and we saw the wonders of the glow worm caves. They were a sight to be seen :D. Next was the trip we had all been waiting for; HOBBITON!! It was so amazing! Everything was so adorably small and we had a great guide who told us quirky things about this place. We ended out tour with a pint at the Green Dragon, as you do. Heading to Rotarua, we were treated to smelly city, that was smelly as it was famous for it geothermal pools, that expelled sulfuric gas. Though the mud from the pools did wonders for my skin ;).

There was so much we saw and so much we did, and this was only just the North Island.  But my most favorite was when we were welcomed into a Maori community. We looked at the Maori culture and how they incorporate their rich culture into today’s world. I was so amazed and respected that the Maoris were still intact with their traditions, their customs and their culture. There were large community and neighborhoods that still upheld their values, and their hospitality was second to none. It was from these wonderful people, I understood the Kiwi way of friendliness and good nature, that the whole country is when know for.

There is still so much to see and do, and I can’t wait. For any of you looking to come to New Zealand, DO IT! It is the most beautiful place, with the most wonderful people and the safest environment for any traveler, minus the earthquakes :P. I love that everyone here is from somewhere; the integration of people makes this place what we all know it to be, and it really is something one must see.

Just something to think about 🙂