first step…

Freshly graduated from university and ready for adult life, we all take our first step and head out to the world, daring it to try us. And it does; one thing all our years of schooling never taught us, is how hard you hit real life. Once all the exams, all the coursework and seminars finish, you realise you never we’re really prepared. We remember the talks with guidance counselors and the many teachers telling us to have a goal, but none of that really helps, when you actually are left on your own. And it’s terrifying!

After leaving university, I had a dream like vision that a reputable media production company would take me under their wing, see my potential and I would be learning and working my way up the cooperate ladder, making videos, TV shows and scripting my own production within 5 years. Sad to say dear readers, that did not happen. It never really does.

I ended up working in a hotel for a year, not a bad place to start but after all my years of schooling, I couldn’t believe this is where I ended up.

So, did that mean I failed? Did I need a new dream? Was all my education a waste of time? Was I going to be doing this forever?  I always believed in when the right time came, something will happen. But waiting became a game that I would never win. And it was only then I realised, the right time was NOW! It is always NOW. I am only in my 20’s and you may have heard it before, but this is truly the time for one to discover themselves. And when it comes to yourself, you should never wait. And in all honesty, there is no magical moment, no sign from the universe guiding you. You are in charge and only you call the shots. So take that first step.

As for me , I took my first step on a plane all by myself, and headed to New Zealand at the start of the new year. And in 2 months I have come to understand so much about myself.

So do it! You’re in your 2o’s, you’ve just left university and your life has literally just started. So enjoy it, take it slowly. Our education has finished but learning never does, so before we set anything in stone, see what you can learn our there and then make a decision. Go to different places, learn about different cultures and languages and meet different people. The more you move, the more you’ll take in and the more you take in, the better understanding of the world you’ll have and just maybe, the place you have in it. Listen to someone years above you, remember how the world looked from those younger than you;  see things from someone else’s perspective.

There will be time to climb that ladder but for now, I’m going to walk the world.

Just something to think about.